What happen if I would not be given the visa in airport?


Your tour sales will send detailedinstructions to show you how to get visa at airport and guidance to the rightplace for visa apply after your layover tour booking is done. Bothof us want everything will be going smoothly and you finally can see somethingin Beijing. But good luck sometimes not stand with us, so please don't be upsetas this is something beyond our control. If you would not be giventhe visa at airport, you will be informed to go back to the departure hall towait the next flight. Since your tour guide or driver is still waiting you atairport, so please give us a call or message to let us know your situation,then your tour sales will make cancellation and arrange refund. If your phoneis out of service in China, you can make a call to us through public phone aseveryone can use it within 3 minutes for free. And also you can link to airportfree WIFI. Click here to learn more about it.

Please see here to learn more about free transit visa policy: https://www.beijingairporttours.com/beijing-tianjin-offer-144-hour-visa-free-transit.html