Airport Free WIFI service


Beijing International Airport offer free WIFI service. It gives people who transit Beijing with long layover a good way to kill time. If people would go outside of airport and take layover tours, they can talk with their friends what does Beijing looks like, and share their wonderful photos at Great Wall or Forbidden City with their family.

The specific operation process is as follows:
1. Turn on WiFi to connect “BDIA-Free-WiFi”;
2. Open the browser, it will jump to the verification page after access to any pages;
3. Enter your phone number to acquire the verification code, then accessing internet is available.

You can also use the automatic device in the terminal to acquire the internet account and password of the airport WiFi in the way of certificate queuing.
Switch the verification page of the automatic device to “account verification”, scan the second generation of identity certificate, passport, People’s Republic of China permit for travel to and from Hong Kong and Macao, etc., enter the account and password, then WiFi can be connect.