No Hidden Cost


All our tour products have clear inclusion/exclusion information indicated. So definitely no hidden cost that make people in upset during their layover tour. I think you are now interested in what is the Hidden Cost mean, so here I would like to list some cases that other people met during their trip:

Case A: Travelers get to the Great Wall by cable car with tour guide/driver, after they go down from the wall, tour guide/driver ask them to pay the cable fee extra, but they have never been told they need to pay this fee in advance.

What we do: Our guide or driver will tell people the best way to go up to the Great Wall, and also indicate the cable car at Great Wall is an option. Travelers will decide to go up to the wall by cable or walk on-site.

Case B: Travelers will be taken to a local restaurant or shop where they can avoid shuttle bus, but they are required to buy something there to enjoy this "VIP service".

What we do: Our guide or driver never cooperate with any restaurant or shop at Great Wall, and actually definitely don't suggest to pay extra to have this "VIP service".

Case C: Travelers are taken to a restaurant or a shop and then tour guide/driver disappear in washing room for 30-40 mins , travelers finally buy something they actually don't need there during this boring time.

What we do: Our guide or driver will not suggest any restaurant or shop except your active request. If you would like to eat or shop, tour guide/driver just wait you there where you can easily find them. No rush, No hidden cost.

Case D: Travelers are told to pay toll fee or parking fee on the way back to airport.

What we do: Toll fee and parking fee are all included in all our layover tours. So no extra fee from your side.

Case E: Travelers are told to pay extra fee for waiting due to their flight delay.

What we do: We never charge waiting fee from our customers as flight delay is not our customer's fault. We still give warmly greetings and smile right after meet our customers even their flight are delayed for a few hours.

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