Free Warm Jackets offered in winter time


Beijing is very cold in winter time (November, December, January, February, March), about minus 10 degrees Celsius in daylight hours (about 14 degrees Fahrenheit). But a lot of travlers have no idea about it and fly to Beijing from hot places like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, India, New Zealand and other places from South Asia, so is very hard for them to get out of airport to do layover tours in Beijing during chilly winter, and there is not necessary for them to buy a jacket just for using only a few hours, so in order to make this layover tour more comfortable, our travel agency provide winter jackets for free.

The advantage of our jackets compare with jackets from others:

  1. Our jackets are uniformly purchased from export channels.

  2. High quality, windproof, warm, breathable.

  3. Strictly clean and disinfect each coat after use.

  4. Our jackets are not too long to obstruct walking.

  5. Our jackets are light and will not make you feel too heavy when you touring at Great Wall.

  6. Appropriate size that almost fit everyone (from 3XL TO 5XL).

  7. Jackets are colorful with good design, so very good for taking photos.