Free Change


Our layover tour maybe influenced by bad weather, flight schedule, physical reasons, so we offer free change service to let our customers avoid this trouble. Such as change the tour date,   change the order of tourist attractions, change the pick-up/drop-off time, change to a nearby pick-up/ drop-off location, add or reduce tourist attractions (pay difference), change party size (pay difference). Since we have to reserve morning or afternoon admission tickets to attractions in advance, so at least one day advanced change is required. Any change on the day after your arrival would not be promised, but we will try our best.

Changing pick-up/drop-off location:

As long as the new pick-up / drop-off location is not further than 5km from the orginal one, free change service will be offered. For example, if your layover tour booking is made with airport pick up, you can change to pick up from a hotel nearby. Or if you want to be dropped off at your hotel nearby instead of airport is also acceptable.

Changing tour date:

A lot of travelers are confused on Time Difference, so that make them reserve a layover tour in wrong date, so they have to change it back right after they get the right date.

Changing the party size:

Before fly to Beijing, travelers may share their tour plan of layover with their friends or new friends where they meet in the public places such as airports, tour buses, beer bars, restaurants. At this stage, some others maybe interested in your layover tour in Beijing and want to join in, so you can contact us to add more people to your group and get new price for the new party size. We will use an appropriate vehicles cater to the new group.

Changing the pick-up time:

Travelers may feel tired after a long flight to Beijing, so if you want to change pick-up time, please call us at least one day in advance, then we will arrange new pick-up time accordingly.

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